Onward and Upward

Each of us is called at this pivotal moment in time to seize the opportunity to support multiple generations of students and faculty, thereby making a lasting impact on Fayetteville Public Schools.

We are pleased to announce that the Campaign led by Co-Chairs Greg and Hannah Lee and Honorary Chairs Jack and Anne Butt, will secure $3 million-plus dollars to add to our endowment to achieve long-term financial support to our schools, students and teachers.

Hannah & Greg Lee

Hannah and I are excited to be chairing the Reaching New Heights: The Sky is the Limit Campaign. The Campaign goal is to grow the Fayetteville Public Education Foundation Endowment making it possible to fully fund more of the innovative programs requested by Fayetteville Public School teachers.

These innovative programs, generally not possible to fund through traditional school budgeting, are designed to expand the educational experience for Fayetteville students by providing them the opportunity to grow and learn in a remarkable classroom environment.

We are Alumni of the Fayetteville Public Schools. Our two children are alumni and we now have four young grandchildren coming up through the Fayetteville schools. We encourage all Fayetteville alumni, parents, family members, and all those with a vested interest in the success of our community to support our campaign. Great schools benefit our students and our entire community.

Greg and Hannah Lee, Reaching New Heights Co-Chairs

Jack’s service on the Fayetteville school board thirty years ago disclosed needs and opportunities that could not be provided by conventional public-school funding.  He believed Fayetteville’s citizens’ commitment to public education could provide those. “With now over $4 million dollars implemented in hundreds of well-placed grants throughout every grade and program in Fayetteville’s schools, anchored by a substantial endowment, I am gratified that the Foundation’s work validated my vision.”

Anne was a hands-on “mom” who put our three children through our schools well-preparing them for further academics, life, and careers.  She served for fifteen years as director of College and Career Counseling at Fayetteville High School, “I understand how  important the Foundation’s enrichment – that extra book, computer, software application, travel opportunity, lab set, and after-school program – is to keep our already nationally competitive student body at the top.”

We’ve been proud and gratified to watch for a third of a century as the Foundation, “iced the cake” and “filled in the cracks” with incredibly effective grants to enhance an already great public-school system.

We invite you to join us in taking the next step forward for our schools, raising the funds to implement system-wide and strategic steps keeping our schools not only the best they can be, but the best in the country, with this campaign.

jack and anne

Jack and Anne Butt, Honorary Co-Chairs

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