April Newsletter

F.A.S.T. Finds the Stratosphere

Thanks to the Koenig Family Works Fund  in the Foundation's endowment, F.A.S.T. Finds the Stratosphere will serve students in 9-12th grade in a highly engaging STEM activity and first known of its kind rocket launch.










March Newsletter (10)

Gable's Bakery is working on a baking project that can help business treat employees to a delicious break while giving back to their community.Introducing BREAK BOXES, giant boxes of cookies, bars and brownies that will look beautiful in an company's break room. 

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Donor Spotlight

"We wanted to honor Martha's legacy as a champion for the education of underprivileged or disenfranchised students. We were able to do that through the establishment of the Agee Family Fund in honor of Martha Agee which will provide an annual grant for programs that empower at-risk students in our public schools." – Janie & Kim Agee

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Ways to get involved

A night for donors to celebrate with teacher and scholarship recipients and learn learn about the exciting projects made possible through their generosity.

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Thank you

Contributions between March 1, 2018 - March 31, 2018

Terri & Vince ChadickBarbara & Doug Prichard
Cristy & Tim SmithSara & Justin Eichmann
Holly & David JohnsonNancy & Larry Bittle
Emma PierceRomona & Hershell West
Cherie & Nirmal KilambiMary Beth & Tony Sherman

Contributions between March 1, 2018 - March 31, 2018

Contributions between March 1, 2018 - March 31, 2018 

Laura Beth Timby                Kathy Stafford  Barbara & Tom Verdery
Nicole & Tom OlmsteadBrandy & Michael WingoMartin Chilcote

Contributions between March 1, 2018 - March 31, 2018 

           Lisa & Howard Higgins               MeMe Hagers            Ashley Wilbern          Marla & Dennis Hunt              Danielle Siering
                   Marjo Burk             Melissa Hayward          Garrison Financial                Beth Stropes               Janet Gardner
              First National Bank         Tammy & Read Hudson               Anne Jones              Allison Houston               Melanie Garner
         Sara & Justin Eichamann        Melissa & Randy Werner   Ozarks Electric Cooperative             First Security Bank               Michelle Kieklak
       Donna & James Stephenson          Sherie & Tony Hardin              Connie Riner             Shari & Joe Mains             Melanie Frederick
                    Keh Jeng                 Lauri Shelton                 Nell Sisco               Bonnie Dobbs             Rebecca McCredy
                Rebecca Wright                Cheryl Yarber            Carter Morrison               Randy Bunnet                  Jana Brady
                   Angel Perez              Jennifer Kestner            Marlena Prouty                 Krista Kidd               Andrea Gunnell
                   Leasa Wood              Archibald Anum            Dionisha Davis                 Marci Pitts              George Shelton
                 Rosa Buescher               Jessica Wayne             Shana Turner                 Alicia Estes              Amber Wofford
               Amanda Osborne                 Britini Ayers               Pam Nolen                Tina Garner                Spencer Hill
                   Tobi Walker               Cynthia Orona              Katie Dallari               Brenda Austin               Jessica Sexton
                   Justin Keen               Kristi Taunton          Amanda Forguson             Amber Buchanan           Kristine Schuchardt
                   Bianka Rios             Matthew Crouch           Matthew Crouch                LeAnn Turner                Janet Cotton
                  Anna Reginer             Issam Shalhoub               John Furlow                 Karen Laman                 Jamie Clegg
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