A Gift from Truity Education Foundation and Truity Credit Union

Truity Credit Union and Truity Education Foundation have contributed over $47,000 to the Fayetteville Public Education Foundation completing the funding needed to purchase a new greenhouse at Fayetteville High School. The greenhouse will be constructed behind the Administration Building on the High School Campus.

The greenhouse will enable the agriculture department at the high school to provide a state-of-the-art teaching facility for students to gain hands-on experience through the implementation of Greenhouse Management and Horticulture classes. The greenhouse will also provide a place for students to collaborate with the biology and advanced biology classes.

The Truity Education Foundation greenhouse  complements another program funded by the Fayetteville Public Education Foundation through the Tyson Charitable Giving program. Tyson funds will be used toward Agricultural Education to include equipment and supplies and animal holding and care facilities for the Agri-Science Center at the new Fayetteville High School building.

The greenhouse will attract more students to the FHS program, allow for a broader knowledge in plant and environmental sciences, and expand student’s ability to become career and college ready for environmental and plant science work and study.

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